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This month's Seen Saturday conversation focuses on the power of culturally relevant community while navigating a chronic illness. I had the pleasure of speaking with LaTesha Thompson, IBD & Ostomy Advocate & Color of Gastrointestinal Illnesses Ambassador of the Year about how she creates community and advocates for health equity in our community.

Hot TOPICS: Practices
Hot TOPICS: Practices


Please take a moment to read through these hot topics in the IBD and Ostomy world. My goal is to keep you up to date on what's new and the latest treatments. This is a good conversation starter with your physician(s) in determining the best treatments for your specific condition(s).

Combating Skin Issues

Skin issues in individuals with IBD is really hard to diagnose and treat. Treatment for one person, may not work for the next because we are all different. Your GI and your dermatologist should work very closely to help determine the best treatment for you  The article below describes the many different skin disorders as it relates to IBD. Once you identify your particular disorder, it's best to make an appointment with your physicians to discuss the best treatment for you.


Nutrition for IBD

Knowing what you can or can't eat with IBD can be tricky. It's always trial and error when it comes to food for individuals with IBD. I've attached an article for you to read to help you decide what foods to avoid with IBD what you can tolerate. Remember everyone is different so its best to speak with your GI and/or your dietician/nutritionist on what works best for you

Nutrition/Diet for Ostomates

Eating the wrong things with an ostomy can leave you with a blockage. Blockages are painful and dangerous for an ostomate. Please read the attached article on proper food to eat and what to avoid with an ostomy. Talking with your nutritionist/dietician and gastroenterologist on what works best for you is always the best practice


Dare to Swim

There is a long standing stigma that you can't swim with an ostomy. Ostomates all over the world has been swimming and for many years. Please do not be discouraged to get into the water and swim

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