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Resources for IBDers and Ostomates

United Ostomy Association of America is a great resource for Ostomates. Please click the above link to explore their site to gain more knowledge on the type of ostomy you have

Color of Gastrointestinal llnesses is a support group dedicated to IBDers who are looking for a community. Please click the above link explore their site to access the support that is needed for your condition

Resources to HELP: Resources

Do you want a Secure Start?

Hollisters Secure Start Services and Ostomy Care is a great way for Ostomates to connect with great resources on appliances and accessories. You'll get personalized care no matter what bag product you use or the type of ostomy you have. The goal is to reach ostomates who need extra support when it comes to their ostomy. Talk with someone today to get started by clicking the links below.

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Resources to HELP: Welcome
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